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სერენ შირინჯე / Seren Şirince

5:28 AM, 2018-12-12
  • დაბ. სახელი:
    სერენ შირინჯე
  • დაბ. თარიღი:
    15 მარტი, 1991 წ.
  • დაბ. ადგილი:
    იზმირი, თურქეთი
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სერენ შირინჯე / Seren Şirince

სერენ შირინჯე / Seren Şirince ბიოგრაფია

Seren Sirince was born on January 1, 1991 in Izmir city, Turkey, is a Turkish actress, best known for her acting role as "Aysegül Dinç " in the Show TV's Romantic Comedy television series "iliski Durumu : Karisik". She completed her education at "Yeditepe University" Theater Department. Seren Sirince is the beautiful actress who is experiencing her first acting experience with Love, Later on, she played a leading role in the famous TV series "Relationship, Status: Mixed", actress who is best known for acting as "Aysegül Dinç", she acted alongside "Berk Oktay", and achieved a significant outcome in her career.

She started at a young age with the training of "Rüçhan Gürel" at the Han Theater in Izmir and started to take a part in the television series, while the university education was going on. In 2014 she took a part in the Lake Shore play at "Talimhane" Theater.

Her first film role was a guest appearance in the film "Araf Zamani". She was named Best Comedy Female Actor of the Year at the 2016 Yeditepe University 4.Dilek Awards for her role in "Relationship Status: Mixed", and later, in the television interview, her mother said she was an actress from a young age.

She plays the role of Nazli in the "Seven Ne Yapmaz" series published on ATV screens, where Ecem Çalik, Serhat Paril, Seyla Halis, Sertan Erzacan and Ferzan Hekimoglu took part in the roster that she shared with the famous actor "Yusuf Çim".

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