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ქერემ ბიურსინი / Kerem Bürsin

7:58 PM, 2019-03-19
  • დაბ. სახელი:
    ქერემ ბიურსინი
  • დაბ. თარიღი:
    4 ივნისი, 1987 წ.
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    სტამბული, თურქეთი
  • პროფესია:
    მსახიობი, პროდიუსერი

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ქერემ ბიურსინი / Kerem Bürsin

ქერემ ბიურსინი / Kerem Bürsin ბიოგრაფია

Bürsin has lived in numerous countries including Scotland, Indonesia, the UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, and the US. In 1999, at the age of 12 he moved with his family to the United States.[4] He graduated from Emerson College's marketing communications department, and took acting lessons while he was in university. He was chosen as the best theater actor at a competition in high school in the US. Before he became an actor, he used to work as a driver. Bürsin had previously appeared in American TV movies including Sharktopus in 2010. On 9 September 2013, he appeared on Line's commercial for social messaging application. Bürsin became known with his role as "Kerem Sayer" on Kanal D's Güneşi Beklerken and portrayed the deformed twin of the character named "Güneş Sayer" on the final episode of the series In Çağan Irmak's movie Unutursam Fısılda played the role of a musician named Erhan. In 2016 he was the brandface of Mavi Jeans alongside his girlfriend Serenay Sarıkaya.Bürsin follows both Hollywood-Turkish productions and prefers to use both English and Turkish languages in acting He has also won the Seoul International Best Actor award.

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